4. Step: Create a QR stamp code

Create a QR stamp - code(s) for your campaigns with the (+) button in Codes.

You can create several codes for the same campaign. For example for various venues or payment locations, make sure you name them differently to have a clear overview.

"Value" is how many stamps the user receives when scanning. If you do for example a promotion to open the loyalty pass, you can give the user more than one stamp. While the staff in your business will have a QR code that gives only 1 stamp when being used. If you have specific questions on what is best to create for your business, give us a call or use the chat function on our website www.appuntos.com.

After you created the QR stamp code, open the pdf and print it (click edit and you find the download as pdf or png). Then insert or cut and put it into either our A7 plastic cover or just use it like that.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE : Use QR stamp code carefully and regularly renew / destroy them. 

The control number is used to check the redemption: The first customer to redeem will have the from you designated control number. From there, the next one will show X+1 etc (First user has 100, next will show 101). 

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