1. Step: Create your business profile

Login to your Appuntos profile and choose "Businesses" in the right panel. Click on the   button to add your business.

Enter the basic information of your business and upload your logo and the desired background. This will be the appearance of your business in the Appuntos app.
"Industry": Please choose the correct category, this will help the user to find you easier in the app index and on the map.

Thereafter, choose "Venues" and click again on the (+) button to add your businesses venue(s). Use your business name in the field "Name" if you have only one venue with the same name, if you have several, you can type in the additional information, for example LA BARRA Roma. 

"Guest services" are special treats that you offer guests. If you have a special service that is not mentioned, please get in touch with us (info@appuntos.com) and we will add it for you.

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